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This is the blog of a 21 year old Pom from NZ, who is currently studying Vetinary Science.

It is also the blog where I attempt to come across as somewhat more normal and less like an obsessed fangirl than I do over on awsogmm. If you are looking for my fandom blog, I suggest you go there. It will probably suit you better. Also I apologise for the ponies, I am trying to work something out for someone else and I am just using them to see if it works. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Here I reblog mostly nature photos, occasional quotes, and shiny things.

As in nature, as in art, so in grace; it is rough treatment that gives souls, as well as stones, their luster.

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Dolomites, ItalyMoreno Geremetta

Lake Bled, SloveniaJanez Tolar


Lake Bled, Slovenia
Janez Tolar




A fantastic tour of White Temple in Thailand - the craziest buddhist temple I’ve seen.

on some dark souls type shit holy fuck

Hey this is that temple with the random Predator statue!

You should see the inside! Photography is forbidden in there, but the walls are covered with buddhist symbols, pop culture icons (spider-man, angry birds, Micheal Jackson, Batman), Political leaders, images of wars and cities and stories. It is an AMAZING place to visit, and you should definitely go if you ever have the chance!

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Autumn’s Beautiful Transformations

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watercolour. the eyes were hard (work from a few months ago


watercolour. the eyes were hard (work from a few months ago

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Kitten in a boot


Kitten in a boot

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